The 4 Most Exciting Wedding Bands In Austin

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In whatever terms you use to describe this momentous occasion that’s headed your way (you’re getting married, gettin’ hitched, tying the knot…), there’s something that will always ring true: You need some really good wedding bands in Austin to bring the party that follows this lifelong, glorious promise. Sounds monumental as a task. Feels extra important. Has the power to cause you more stress than you could have imagined, as you realize sifting through wedding bands in Austin is territory you had no idea could require so much work.

Well. It doesn’t have to. Avoid what feels like dragging your feet through mud and opt for a quicker, fantastical process instead: Call us. In10City Band. We’ll get you on track and ready to go, so the party part of your wedding day is all set and you are smiling. Let us give you 3 reasons to pick a band from Intensity Entertainment:


A Glimpse into your upcoming party

You can’t look into a crystal ball for any part of what your wedding will include. Or your life, for that matter. However, there are those times when you can enjoy a serious dose of certainty about what the future may hold by enjoying a bit of a sneak peek. It’s best to take advantage of this privilege, when possible. Let us show you how! 

Like most other Austin wedding bands, we have a vast library of incredible performance videos, but we can do you one better. Our recommendation? Skip the virtual stuff that’s close but leaves you with questions. Get the limitless possibilities of working with us (and the high-intensity vibe, too) sorted out in real life instead. 

Enter: The Showcase Event with Intensity Entertainment. 

You may be reading a lot about wedding bands in Austin but that’s not giving you much real knowledge about what you can expect. A Showcase with us? It’s an actual performance. That you attend. You’re getting very close to experiencing time travel, as you sit through a brief yet no-holds-barred performance. 

We Are The Wedding BandS In Austin ThaT ARE “You”-Focused

Want to feel like we’re really busy and just don’t have lots of extra time to talk to you and help you get your party ready to go? We didn’t think so. We wouldn’t really enjoy that either. We know weddings and we know music, which means we know exactly what you’re going through. Every second you cannot get in touch with, make progress on, or feel good about your wedding reception is a moment too much. In10City Band is here, full of empathy, walking a mile or two in your wedding shoes, viewing things from your perspective. 

You’ll get the attention you deserve, the clarity and transparency you crave, and you will be able to relax, while we take care of the behind-the-scenes details that make your party a spectacular event to behold. But why should you take our word for it? No problem. Just click: Google, Wedding Wire and The Knot

YOur Reception Will Take Your Breath Away

Yes, really! Imagine swooning, as you become overwhelmed in the moment and it takes your breath away: Your friends and family are dancing, you’re married, the music is right, the lighting is on point. Enchanted perfection. Now, let’s get literal. You’ve slow danced, you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, and you’ve danced harder than you thought you could. You’ll truly need to catch your breath! From the magic to the memories, our In10City wedding band in Austin collaborates with you to make it happen. So what are you waiting for?

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