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The Intensity Showcase.

Find the right fit.

Choosing your band is like  buying an outfit. It doesn’t matter how good that shirt looks on the  mannequin; it needs to fit you.

The Intensity Showcase is your private fitting. Come and see exactly what you’re getting  before you make a decision.

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Nothing fits better than custom-made.

You’re the kind of person who knows what they want. Anything less simply won’t do. You could hire any old band and just hope for the best. Or, you could create your own and be 100% confident in your choice.

Let us show you how!


Ask about attending the next Intensity showcase by filling out a quick form.

Attend an invite-only live show at our private venue in Addison, TX and enjoy complimentary drinks.



Select your favorite vocalists from the performance and request them for your party when you book!

All bands are the same...right?

Shhh….listen. We’re going to let you in on a little industry secret: 

All the bands out there are pretty good. They all have cool websites, claiming the same things. They all throw around words like ‘best’ and have lots of 5-star reviews.

But until you’ve been to a live show, you really can’t tell who’s got it and who doesn’t. Even videos (and we have a lot of them) can only show you so much. 

It isn’t until you get in the room, with the bass thumping, lights flashing, and people dancing that you really find out who is the right band for you.

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Can't make it to a showcase? Check out our videos!

In10City Band 2021

Break My Heart | Moondance

JaQuay & Steven Sing ‘Leave The Door Open’

Dancin’ In The Moonlight | Mélange

Kevin Sings ‘Feeling Good’ | In10City Band