Our Team

Coordinating and performing for over 400 events annually requires intense planning and commitment. These awesome people are the engine behind our company’s success.

Entertainment Coordinators

The Intensity Entertainment Coordinator (aka EC) is a game-changing concept we rolled out in 2017. Each client is assigned an EC that becomes their personal consultant on all things pertaining to the band. The EC stays in constant contact with clients, Planners and venues. They see to it that all the details are well documented, accessible in our planning systems and accessible to our Band Leaders, musicians and technical staff. In addition to working in the office in this capacity, your EC is also a performing member of the band. Having performed hundreds of weddings and events with Intensity, they have intimate and thorough knowledge or our abilities and inherent limitations. 

Band Leaders

Our Band Leaders relay all the necessary information to the band members for preparation & rehearsal. It’s their job to hold their team accountable for preparation, attire, and timeliness. These amazing human beings coordinate over 90 performers, ensuring your event timeline flows as you and your Planner have prepared. Additionally, they chart and arrange your special request songs, and plan your band’s playlist according to your personal preferences noted in your client portal.

Joe Hargrave


In 2011, Joe started a single, five-piece band, as a hobby. He played guitar on every event for the first couple years, and played regularly through early 2018. Today, he is still involved on a daily basis, but you'll more likely find him mixing audio, editing video, developing our website, or making coffee for Mendy, the real boss.

Tim German

BL, EC & Talent Management

A proficient writer, arranger,  and keyboard player, Tim serves Intensity in multiple capacities. Tim handles events from both the Entertainment Coordinator and Band Leader chair, and is the resident Band Leader for our showcases. When he's not behind the keyboard, Tim is scouting and auditioning new talent, staffing events, and managing rehearsals.

Mendy Hargrave


Mendy joined the team in 2015, and has been instrumental to the incredible growth of Intensity over the past few years. Among other things, she handles the accounting and legal components of the business, in addition to her futile attempts at keeping Joe in line.

Brian Carter-Kacho

Director of Sales

Brian Carter-Kacho, or “CK” as he’s more commonly known, has been with In10City from the beginning. CK serves as Director of Sales and performs as a lead tenor vocalist for our In10City & Mélange concepts. 

Kim Burns

Senior Entertainment Coordinator & Band Leader

As one of the original five band members, Kim has worked closely with Joe and Mendy to facilitate growth and maintain the quality of our product. Today, she facilitates the training of new EC's and BL's, leads our In10City Mélange Band, and performs at around 75 events per year.

Sam Riseborough

Booking & Industry Outreach

Sam is a drummer and Band Leader for Intensity, but plays an even more vital role behind the scenes. Sam is the face of our Social Media, emcee for our showcases, and handles booking for the bands, alongside CK. He is also our industry evangelist, and coordinates our involvement in NACE, ILEA and other similar organizations.

Jordana Malkoff

Band Leader | Entertainment Coordinator

Jordana has been singing with Intensity for over six years. She is one a few Band Leaders that also manages her events in the EC capacity as well. She performs weekly with the band, and is the leader for the Bulletproof Brass concept, which is being re-launched with some awesome new tweaks and additions for 2019.

Chloe Lang

Sales Assistant

Another of our incredible vocalists, Chloe serves as Sales Assistant to Sam Riseborough during the week. If you're looking to book our band, you'll likely talk to Sam and Chloe; though we can't promise you'll understand either of them. English, not English. You'll see.

Ethan Severin

Entertainment Coordinator

On stage, Ethan is one of the most engaging and energetic performers you'll ever see. Off stage, he's actually capable of sitting still, though you'll doubt that when you see him perform. As our newest Entertainment Coordinator, Ethan is meticulous, thorough and responsive.

Cory Hamilton

Band Leader

Another beast on bass, there's never been a musician who's more obviously in love with his craft. Catch Mr. Hamilton playing without a huge smile on his face. Try. We dare you. Cory is a long term member of almost five years, and a seasoned Band Leader. Most importantly, the man can drive a bus through the night without blinking. He claims he sleeps, but we're not so sure.

Justin Robinett

BL | EC | Digital Media

A man of too many talents, Justin is an incredible tenor vocalist, 'as needed' drummer, and all around nicest dude at Intensity. Off stage, you'll usually find him working on our website, editing video, or creating various digital media assets.

Crystal Orosco

EC & Admin Assistant

On Stage, she's a vocalist for In10City and La10City (Latin City). Off stage, Crystal is an Entertainment Coordinator and Administrative Assistant to Joe, working behind the scenes on the website and much more. She's also tied with Justin Robinett for the title of 'happiest person we know'.

Aaron Hawkins

Band Leader

Funky. We could stop there, really. A Berklee School of Music degreed bass player, Hawk, as we call him (he's too funky to be an 'Aaron') is a well loved and respected Band Leader with In10City. He's performed hundreds of events with us and has been a valued team member for over five years.

Ron Malvern

Band Leader

Ron was the second drummer with In10City, and has been with us longer than anyone but Joe, CK and Kim. Ron is one of the most versatile drummers in the business. He's an expert at reading the room and calling the right song for the moment. More importantly, he's the calming presence even in the most difficult of event itineraries. 

Jade German

Entertainment Coordinator | Sales Assistant

In addition to giving Tim a ride to work, Jade is a phenomenal vocalist, and official Intensity Diva (in all the good ways). She's handles a few events each month as an Entertainment Coordinator, and still finds time to boss CK around (aka, assists him with sales and booking). Jade is employee of the month. No, it doesn't matter what month it is. Just ask her.

Whitney Wilson

Admin Assistant

A seasoned vocalist with hundreds of weddings and corporate events under her belt, Whitney works during the week coordinating showcase production and attendance. She also assists in too many capacities to list, and is an invaluable member of the Intensity team.

Ian Lawler

Band Leader

Ian is a monster guitar player and has worked professionally playing Pop, Rock, Disco, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Motown, R&B, Neo Soul, Reggae, and World Music. His musical versatility helps to make In10city a truly unique variety band. Whether you need light background jazz, booty-shaking funk riffs, or face-melting guitar solos, Ian can do it all!

Tim Owen In10City Band

Tim Owen

Production Manager

Tim has the impossible task of managing & maintaining nine production rigs, a fleet of trucks & vans, a warehouse full of rental sound, decorative lighting and our showcase space. Somehow, he gets all the right inventory to the proper event. We don't know how he does this. We're pretty sure it's voodoo.

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