Intensity Bands For Weddings

Intensity Bands For Weddings

Live Wedding Bands For Epic Receptions

Great wedding bands that can “rock the house” are easy to find. However, in extremely short supply are party bands that combine talent with etiquette, respect for tradition, and a gracious attitude that puts the client first. That’s you.

Wedding Bands That Set The Bar Higher

You want a band who responds to you, answers every last one of your questions, and makes planning your wedding easy. When you hire an Intensity Band, your streamlined experience includes top level communication, as well as the lux celebration you’ve been imagining all your life. Prepare yourself for the most exceptional performers in the Southwest that turn your reception into a  this-could-never-be-replicated gem of a lifetime. 

But don’t take our word for it! Check out what people are saying on Google, Wedding Wire, and The Knot.

Your Picture Perfect Evening

Our wedding bands bring you a hefty dose of spot-on know-how. Comprehensive entertainment services mean you get a powerful stage show. They also mean you connect with the members of our team, who will create an all-night-long set list that will let you effortlessly sail through the different parts of this once-in-a-lifetime occasion. At certain points, you’re sitting and chatting in hushed tones, while you eat dinner. At others, everyone is dancing and you’re lost in the music. At others, you’re gazing into each other’s eyes, dancing your first dance. You simply need to enlist us, the professionals, to handle the details, the sound, and more, so everything is picture perfect

Intensity Entertainment provides live wedding bands in Austin, TX

Intensity Wedding Band Showcases

See your band in action before your big event

Sure. You could spend the days leading up to your wedding with your fingers crossed, hoping that the wedding band you selected for this biggest-day-of-your-life moment is going to be amazing. You could continue to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, realizing you have no idea what to really expect. Or, you could just schedule a showcase and put the questions to rest. An In10City Showcase Event is a full, all-out display of the entertainment you can look forward to for your party, which allows you to enjoy the following (stress reducing) benefits:


  • A completely private show (pulling out all the stops), so you may feast your eyes, ears, and heart on becoming completely confident and excited about what the future holds
  • You will get to know the band, the band leaders, and the office staff
  • You’ll get to know our friendly sales team


Ready to feel like time has stopped, as you project yourself right into the epicenter of the wedding reception you’ve been imagining, replete with the wedding band, songs, dancing, and energy your fantasies are made of? We thought so. RSVP using the form below to set up your own personal In10City Showcase with us. We’d love to meet you.

The Intensity Difference

Our wedding bands always include:

Special Songs, Special Moments

We will learn up to three songs for your event. Choose the songs, choose the moments. Enjoy the freedom of matching the perfect song with a special dance, private last dance, party moment, and the list continues. It’s your call.

Break Music

Even during those (few and far between) band breaks, the music never stops. Enjoy a curated selection of recorded music or DJ your own party with self-crafted playlists and a provided iPod connection.

Flexible, Unrivaled Production

Intensity owns a full-scaled production company, which equates to professionally optimized sound and lighting throughout your event. Hint: You may event customize certain elements to complement your personal style and décor.

More Party, Fewer Breaks

Creating a nonstop party is our priority. The band is taking shorter breaks, playing longer sets, and a continuous, 90-minute final dance set. Prefer a three- or four-hour continuous event? Just say the word.

Experienced Emcee

Your Intensity Emcee is polished in the art of delivering announcements and emcee services for your reception. A wireless mic option will make for no-fuss toasts, welcome speeches, and more.

Your Wedding Band. Your Way.

Our Client Portal gives you control. Tailor your wedding band’s performance down to your unique musical tastes and style preferences. For any and all remaining details, our Entertainment Coordinator is on standby to help.

Ready for more?

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Throwing a celebration the likes of which you have never experienced before, and will remember for the rest of your life requires amazing music. You think our wedding bands may be just right for illuminating and bringing to life the wedding reception of your wildest dreams? Does all this give you a little anxiety? Never fear. Intensity Entertainment checks off every box on your list. Really. From the music to the ease of planning, we’ll walk you through the details and right into your dream party.

And it all starts with a quick phone call to our amazing staff. If you don’t have time to jump on the phone right now, click the button to give us a little more info. We’re happy to send you lots more awesome information about our amazing wedding bands.

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