Intensity FAQ

frequently asked questions and answers


Our bands typically follow a 4-hour block of time that includes three music sets. Additional time can be contractually added in 30-minute increments if desired. Some of our bands even offer 3 or 4-hour continuous performances.

We only take two breaks, and our breaks are shorter than most other live bands. 

Most bands follow the old standard of 3 (1-hour) sets in 4 hours, with 2 (30-minute) breaks. This was an old standard set up by some musician’s union before the invention of the wheel, but most bands around the country still follow it. We don’t.

Instead, we offer 200 minutes of live performance within a 4-hour timeline. This gives you 20 minutes more of live performance. We also shorten our 2 breaks to 20-minutes. Anything less than 20 minutes doesn’t really give your guests time to catch their breath, grab a cocktail and use the restroom. Anything more and you risk losing momentum.

Yes! We are happy to meet all your musical needs in addition to the entertainment of your wedding reception. If you would like to discuss additional music for your ceremony and/or cocktail hour, just give us a call at (972) 521-6771 or contact our Director of Sales, CK, at and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Yes. Please feed your band and crew members a hot meal. Our shows are high intensity (no pun intended) and require fuel for the energy that will be exerted over the 4 hour (or longer if additional time was added) contracted time.

Deciding on the size of your band really depends on quite a few factors, but this is why we offer a lot of options. We recognize that not every event is the same. We want to adapt to your needs. The number of guests in attendance at your event, the venue size, electrical specifications of the venue, budget and type of ambiance desired will all play a part in the decision of what size band you will want. If you are having trouble deciding, we can help! Just give our sales team a call at (972) 521-6771 and we can help you decide what is best for your event.

For most events, the band dresses in black suits with black or white ties. We do have other color options available and can accommodate attire requests in many cases at no additional charge. If you want themed costuming for an event, we are happy to do that as well. While it’s fun for the band and can create a unique look, there are sometimes expenses that need to be covered in those situations. Our sales staff is happy to give you more details if your event requires specific costuming.

We often have clients that fall in love with certain performers and request their presence on an event. Many of our bands have set lineups, and in order to book individuals in these bands, you must book the whole band.

The In10City Band specifically is designed to be more customizable than any other party band. You can select a favorite male and female vocalist, creating your own unique band for your event. In most cases, we can accommodate requests of this nature with no issue and we are more than happy to discuss member availability, if desired.

Band size varies greatly with each band and event. We can have anywhere from 5 to 30 individuals on stage. Each lineup also includes an Audio Engineer and Lighting Designer.

Absolutely! We make sure you are protected by carrying liability insurance as required by most high-end venues.

Intensity’s bands specialize in weddings and play for approximately 300+ weddings annually! Additionally, we perform for fundraisers, company parties, debutante balls, proms, or any event with appropriate space and attendees that want to party! In all, we currently perform at about 400+ events per year.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have. You can contact us by clicking here or call our corporate office at (972) 521-6771.


Call Us! If you want to check availability on a date, or have questions regarding the band or pricing, give us a shout at (972) 521-6771 and we’ll be happy to help. You can also Contact Us here.

We can often give you a ‘courtesy hold’ on a specific date for 24-48 hours, but to officially reserve the band, we’ll need a signed contract and ‘retainer’ check.

Each of our bands is unique and offers different specialties and advantages. To see what each is all about, check out the ‘Find My Band’ page and learn more!

In addition to our 4 set member bands, we can currently run up to 9 In10City Bands simultaneously. Each In10City group has identical sound and lighting production and each plays the full catalog of material represented here on our website. 

You can meet our exclusive vocalists here. Think of In10City as the show, and the band members as cast. Essentially, we can run up to eleven of the same show all in one night with different cast members.

Hiring our bands to perform for your event includes the band members, their equipment and instruments, and full sound and stage lighting equipment and setup. In addition, you may add optional packages at a discounted rate. Some of our options include:

  • uplighting
  • pin-spot lighting
  • monogram lighting
  • cocktail hour music
  • ceremony music
  • and more!


Since we will already be there setting up for your event, we will add these services for a much lower price than our competitors at third party production companies. Please call us with any questions that you may have or to receive a quote at (972) 521-6771 or email our Director of Sales, CK, at for more details.

You will have a lot of control over your timeline, and we will work with you to execute your vision for the night. However, we’ve been at a lot of parties, so here is a quick breakdown of the typical set break down for an Intensity event:

  • Set #1: 55 minutes of music – typically for guests’ dinner – Jazz music and Instrumentals are played.
  • Break #1: 20 minutes
  • Set #2: 55 minutes of music – typically Motown and/or Dance music.
  • Break #2: 20 minutes
  • Set #3: 90 minutes of full on high intensity dance party till the end!!!

The sooner the better! We want to make sure we are available for your event and we are on a first come first serve basis. Also, there are a lot of details to plan out to make sure everything goes as desired for your event. However, if the band is available, we are willing to work with you on short notice.

We travel anywhere and everywhere! Obviously, the cost of the band in the case of travel is dependent on many factors (distance, air fare, equipment, etc.). Our production gear is based in the DFW metroplex, and we travel up to 500 miles with our own lighting and sound. 

If your event is over 500 miles from Dallas, TX, we require flights, hotels and rented sound, lighting, and backline equipment. We are happy to provide you with more information upon request, just contact us.

We do partner with a very select few bands that we are happy to contract for you in some situations. We are not an ‘agency’, and it is not our business plan to represent a large number of bands. We are a band production company and our business revolves around creating the most entertaining and engaging show possible with our internal staff. However, if we are all booked up, we can sometimes direct you to a comparable band of similar style and quality.

For us to miss an event would require an extremely unusual situation that would most likely affect a lot more than just the band (i.e. pandemic related shutdowns, major weather catastrophe). If, for any reason, we were unable to make it to an event, all monies would be refunded as dictated clearly by our signed agreement.


Our bands are priced based primarily on size of band, distance travelled, event day and any seasonal discounts that might apply. Call us at (972) 521-6771, and provide one of our of Sales Team members with the city and date of your event, we can give you pricing for different band sizes, provided we’re available on your date.

A 50% retainer fee will be due once you sign the agreement in order to book In10City Band.

The remaining 50% balance along with any additional services (i.e. decorative lighting, ceremony musicians, additional pre-planned overtime etc.) will be due 15 calendar days prior to your event date.

When we agree to perform for you on a given date, we are inherently declining the opportunity to work at other events. We also have contractual obligations to our musicians and staff when we book them for the event. 

For these reasons, we do not typically offer refunds, outside of exceptionally rare and specific circumstances. Exact criteria included in our Performance Agreement are available for review before you commit to a booking.


The venue will want to prepare parking for a large box truck and band member vehicles for the duration of the event.  The venue will need to either prepare a stage or provide a location for a stage to be set up on and enough power to meet our needs. (This information will be provided in full detail within our Production Rider once the contracting process has begun.)

Your Entertainment Coordinator will also work directly with the venue prior to your event to take most of this off of your plate. Just know that if your venue is unable to provide things we’ll need, another vendor may need to be contracted for staging, power, etc.

A loading dock is preferred, but we are willing to work with different situations. Our equipment is extremely heavy. If the band will be playing on a different floor than the load in entrance, an elevator will be required to have full access to the venue and to get set up.

For 9 – 12 Piece Band

Recommended: Stage dimensions should be a minimum of 24’ wide x 16’ deep.

Minimum: Stage dimensions must be a minimum of 20’ wide x 12’ deep.

For 6 – 8 Piece Band

Recommended: Stage dimensions should be a minimum of 24’ wide x 16’ deep.

Minimum: Stage dimensions must be a minimum of 16’ wide x 12’ deep.

We recommend a stage with a height of 18″ – 30″. When you pay to have a live band, you want people to see them! A stage (riser) however, is not a requirement for us. We are able to set up on floor level if that’s your preference.

Once again, exact information will be provided in full detail within our Production Rider once the contracting process has begun.

We will need 3.5 – 4 hours to get fully set up and sound checked before the time to be clean and quiet.

Yes. Please feed your band and crew members a hot meal. Our shows are high intensity (no pun intended) and require fuel for the energy that will be exerted over the 4 hour (or longer if additional time was added) contracted time.

Need help? Our Entertainment Coordinators were created to make all of this easy for you. We are not event planners or wedding planners, but we are uniquely qualified to help you plan the band’s performance for your event. EC’s are performing members of our bands who know our capabilities inside and out.

Your EC will give you access to your own client portal, which will allow you to custom-tailor your event to your personal taste through song requests, special moments, and more.

Song Selection

We can play just about anything! Take a look at each band’s song list to see what we are currently playing. Anything from Jazz to Motown, Country to Pop, Rock and R&B – we play it all! If people will dance to it, we’ll perform it.

Yes! In addition to picking your favorites from our song list, you can request up to 3 brand new songs for us to learn especially for your event.

Any additional songs can be added to our pre-recorded/mp3 playlist for the breaks. That way you can still hear the songs you love, even if the band can’t play it live.

No need – we’ve already got you covered. It is not in anyone’s best interest for the band to throw out obscenities during your party. We also know that, especially at weddings, young children may be in attendance. By default, we clean up the lyrics to any song. We strive to always provide highly professional, clean cut, and family-friendly bands.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog post about clean wedding music!

During The Event

We play a set list of recorded music on each break. We can also play recorded music for up to one hour prior to performing. 

If you have special songs that you want played on a break, we ask that you put them on an mp3 player and give it to our Audio Engineer. Make sure that it’s unlocked, has plenty of battery and is on airplane mode.

Yes! If you choose, we will happily emcee your event and announce upcoming activities or other general announcements. 

For weddings, we will announce the entire wedding party, if you wish, or just the bride and groom for a Grand Entrance. We will also announce special activities/events such as Cake Cutting, Bouquet/Garter Toss, Toasts, etc. 

We also provide a wireless microphone for any speakers.

Yes. You are more than welcome to provide an iPod or MP3 player with a playlist to play during our breaks. There should be enough music to cover one or both full 20-minute breaks, full battery life and it should be in airplane mode so that the music is not interrupted by service, phone calls, or notifications.

Yes. We will provide a microphone for your speeches, but we do request that the speeches take place during the sets so that our crew will have a proper break. If they are needed during breaks, additional compensation to those specific crew members will be required.