In10City is the Best Austin Wedding Band

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So you need an Austin Wedding Band?

It’s what everyone describes as the biggest, most important day of your life. When you look at it that way (which you certainly do), it’s easy to see that it’s something worthy of the most intricately planned, luxe party you could possibly imagine. We agree. We also happen to specialize in connecting the dots, picking up on what you’re implying you would love for your party, and bringing to life the magic you’re already chomping at the bit to see unfold before you. 

Yes, it sounds like planning the sounds, sights, and more of your wedding reception will require a lot (because it will) but it’s not something you have to deal with. It’s what we’re here for: Your Austin wedding band. In10City Band to be specific. Now, let’s make your soiree what it’s meant to be. The occasion of a lifetime.

A party with music? That’s a party. A party with music that makes you feel all the feels, from the super special stuff that gives you chills to the adrenaline-boosting beats that end with the whole dance floor jumping in unison? That’s the celebration of your wedding dreams! So, what’s the special mixture of songs, lighting, and people that takes this shimmering idea from your thoughts and brings it into real life? Well, your Austin wedding band, of course. In10City Band does the legwork, so you can focus on getting your dance steps just right.



Of course, you cannot experience the sheer decadence, butterflies, and glittering brilliance of your wedding day ahead of time – nor would you want to! You do want to work your way down a laundry list of essential items, however, so you know you’re pushing the limits to create a day that’s the best that it can be. The part that seems the most difficult? The music. If the band isn’t stellar, the party could fall flat. 

Not a bit of risk with this when In10City Band is on the scene. There’s no guesswork needed, either. Come in for a private showing called a Showcase Event. Problem magnificently solved. We have our own performance venue based in Addison, TX and we would love to show you what we’re made of. A Live Showcase gives you the opportunity to experience the energy and excitement of your party before it happens. It’s kind of like time travel.

tHIS Austin Wedding Band Puts You First

You don’t want to feel like you’re the next call on someone’s list, that you’re in the queue, or that this huge, overwhelmingly exciting peak of celebration (that will kick off your new life together with your number one) is taking a back seat to anything else. It’s your priority, so you want it to be ours. Good news: It is. You won’t feel like you’re in line for a response from In10City Band because you will be hearing from us before you reach out. 

You’ll get thought-out, information-packed responses to anything and everything. There’s no uncertainty too tiny or fantasy too grand. Throw it our way and we’ve got you taken care of. But don’t just take our word for it! Let the hundreds of grooms, brides, and planners we’ve worked with sing our praises. Check out what they have to say about us on Google, Wedding Wire, and The Knot.


The whole “I do” thing is something that you’re diving on into with the amazing joy of being with your favorite person every single day! Why not mark this rare and beautiful feat with a fete to match (you know, the kind that you smile about and can still feel resonating within you for the rest of your days, too?). Our Austin wedding band can make it happen with ease. Think memories of sweet music, sweeter snapshots of friends and family together, and the sweetest new life adventure you could imagine. 

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