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Spjörk (pronounced spee-YORK) is innovative, off-the wall, and just downright fun. They combine the freewheeling fun of old-school funk, the remixed mash-ups of DJs, and the lo-fi edge of indie rock for a truly unique and imaginative musical experience. And they sound, really, really good doing it.

We hope you’re hungry. Grab your spjörk and enjoy.

What the heck is a


Why, it’s a Swedish spork, of course!

The band has always been held together by a common love of IKEA meatballs. Oh, and music. That too.

And what’s the best way to eat a meatball? Duh! With none other than the greatest mashup of all time, the spork (spoon + fork, for the uninitiated).

Mashups…sporks…Scandinavian furniture stores…listen, we’re called Spjörk. Just go with it.

Let's meet the band.


Lead Vocals

Sure, he’s a handsome, classy and smooth tenor… but he still giggles every time someone requests Norwegian Wood.


Keys, Vocals

This tech wizard is not only  a huge fan of Sweden’s cutlery, but of creative mash-ups and remixes. He founded Spjörk to have fun, and he won’t settle for anything less now.



Our incredible, high-energy drummer cooks up danceable delicacies. And some tasty Lingonberries.



He’s a hard-driving guitar player who thinks IKEA is way too crowded on weekends.

Let's do this.

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