Tony Crawford began teaching himself to play lead guitar when he was just a teenager. As inspiration in his younger years, he drew on greats such as Jimi Hendrix and Frank Marino for influence. Over time he increased his skills by playing with local groups in his hometown of Texarkana, Arkansas. His greatest inspiration was playing behind his father, who was a well-known local blues singer.

Later, Tony joined the military where he was professionally trained in music theory and sight reading as a lead guitarist for the US Navy Band in Memphis, TN. While serving his country, Tony was given the opportunity to play all over the fifty states. He spent time on Memphis’s famous “Beale Street” playing with well-known blues and R&B Artists.

After retiring from the Navy, Tony settled in the Dallas area and quickly joined Dallas’s music scene. He’s played with In10City for over two years, and also played locally and traveled with many other Dallas area bands. With his specializations in all genres of music including Top 40, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Rock, and Country, Tony has easily been labeled “One of the Baddest Boyz in Dallas!”