Originally from Longview, Texas, Kyle is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist bringing incredible talent to Think Big & The Bulletproof Brass In addition to being an incredible saxophonist and soloist, he also plays the flute and is an accomplished lead singer.

Kyle’s parents were very artistic and their talents passed to him. He was recognized in school at an early age to be gifted in various arts including painting, drawing, singing and playing the flutophone. One day while at home watching a holiday parade on TV, Kyle was intrigued by an instrument that he saw a band member playing in the marching band. He thought that it “looked complicated” and told his mother that was the instrument that he wanted to play. It was the saxophone.

In the Sixth grade, Kyle’s’ mother, bought his first sax (an alto) and informed him that “this was a big investment for a single mother to make”. Kyle agreed and got to work, quickly earning several performance awards. He later attended Longview High School under the direction of Pete Kunkel, where he became the youngest All State band member in his class.

Kyle attended Kilgore Junior College in Kilgore, Tx. as a Music Major under Directors Wally Reed and Jerry Hale. He continued his education by attending Jarvis Christian College for a short time. He was then offered a full music scholarship if he would move to Austin. Kyle took the offer and moved to Austin, Texas and attended Houston- Tillotson University where he acquired a Bachelors’ Degree in All-levels Music with a minor in English.

Kyle has performed with Barry White, Nancy Wilson, Chaka Khan, and Aubree Anna. He has also performed with numerous musicians and groups such as Human Touch featuring keyboardist Joel Guzman, The Business featuring vocalist/Larry Braggs (now with Tower of Power) and well as the Fabulous Thunderbirds and members of Stevie Ray Vaughn and Otis Webster and the Metro band; Bassists/Dwight Sirls, Michael Henry, Crawford Davis, John Echols; Drummers/Brady Blades, Brandon Temple, Popcorn, Peabody, Larry Hall, Joey Monk; Percussionist/Charles Barnett (Paula Abdul) and Keyboardists/Jeff Lorber, Joel Guzman, George Faber, Clayton Jones, Doc Gibbs, Billy Young, Gary Wooten, Bernard Wright, Rev.Eddie Templeton, Linny Nance, and Bobby Sparks, an Organist/Keyboardist who has played for Prince Marcus Miller; Guitarists/Gary Boren, Domino, Brent Boyd, Byron Canada, Johnny Dunn; Vocalist/Melissa Lanes, Dena Ochoa, Larry Braggs (Tower of Power), Ray Crumley and Doc Gibbs.

After college in Austin Kyle moved to Greenbelt, Maryland where he became head band director at a high school in Prince Georges’ County Maryland. Later he moved back to Texas after hearing the news that his mother’s health was declining due to cancer. He then got a job as head band director at a high school in Shreveport, Louisiana, a neighboring city across the state line from his home town Longview, Texas.

After Kyle’s’ mother, father and grandmother passed away, he moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue his entertainment and performance career. After playing throughout the Dallas Metroplex, Brent Boyd discovered Kyle’s’ talent and asked him to join his band. Today Kyle Stroud still performs with Think Big & The Bulletproof Brass under the new owner Joe Hargrave of Intensity Entertainment! He also teaches music for the Garland Independent School District.

He loves helping the kids and says that they even teach him. He hopes that his helping the kids will prepare them not only for music, but will also give them a better foundation to face the world in the future.