Intensity Bands Video Showcase

Intensity Bands Video Showcase

Intensity Video Showcase

Party Band Videos

When choosing a party band for your wedding, corporate party, or event, we always encourage our clients to see any band being considered in a live performance setting. And, we have regular showcases to make it as easy as possible to see our bands. But we know it’s not always possible to make it to a showcase, and we believe having lots of party band videos is the next best thing.!

Whether you’re choosing a favorite Intensity vocalist or musician, or you want to hear your band play your favorite songs ahead of time, we are always creating new video content for you.

In10City Logo for Wedding Band Corporate Event Band

Jackie Sings ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’

Stephanie Sings ‘You Say’

Daniel Sings ‘Grapevine’

Greg Sings Faithfully

Mark Sings ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’

Jordana Sings ‘Love You I Do’

Jackie and Randy Sing ‘How Deep Is Your Love’

Jorge Sings ‘Despacito’

Jordana Sings ‘Wanna Be’

Ian Sings ‘Forever Like That’

24K – Jungle Boogie | In10City

Ethan Sings ‘Slow Dancing’

Justin, Crystal & Jackie Sing ‘Speechless’

Kevin Sings ‘Uptown Funk (remix)’

Jackie & Steven Sing ‘Say So’

Crystal Sings ‘Love Song’

Kevin Sings ‘All of Me’

Donna Sings ‘Dream A Little Dream’

Stephanie Sings ‘Stay’

Steven Sings ‘Tennessee Whiskey’

Empire 6 Logo for Wedding Band Corporate Event Band

Wake Me Up Before You Go | Empire 6

Signed, Sealed, Delivered | Empire 6

24k Magic | Empire 6

Get Lucky | Empire 6

Can’t Stop The Feeling | Empire 6

Julie Sings ‘I Have Nothing’ | Empire 6

Rap Montage | Empire 6

Save A Horse | Empire 6

Whitney Sings ‘Kiss’ | Empire 6

Mambo Italiano | Empire 6

Melange Logo for Wedding Band Corporate Event Band Party Band Videos


Kim Sings ‘At Last’

Lights Medley

2019 Promo | Mélange

Can’t Stop The Feeling – 2017

Latch | Mélange

I Like It Like That | Mélange

CK Sings You Are The Best Thing

IDT Band Logo for Wedding Band Corporate Event Band

Jenna Sings ‘Conga’ | IDT

Ain’t No Mountain | IDT Band

Can’t Stop The Feeling | IDT Band

Youngblood | IDT Band

24k Hot In Herre | IDT Band

Gravity | IDT Band

I Wish | IDT Band

How Deep Is Your Love | IDT Band

24k Magic | IDT Band

Alvaro Sings ‘Adore You’ | IDT

I Will Survive | IDT Band

I Wish Promo | IDT Band

What I Like About You | IDT Band

Mambo Italiano | IDT Band

Shout! | IDT Band

I Like It Like That | IDT Band

Crazy | IDT Band

Uptown Funk | IDT Band

Bohemian Rhapsody | IDT Band

I Want It That Way | IDT Band

Despacito | IDT Band

Shut Up And Dance | IDT Band

Fly Me To The Moon | IDT Band

Latin City Logo for Wedding Band Corporate Event Band

Amigos Con Derecho

A Latin City Wedding

Vente Pa’ca | Latin City

24K Latin City

Jorge Sings ‘Despacito’

Ashley Austin logo

Ashley Sings ‘Want You Back’

Ashley Sings ‘The Middle’

Ashley Sings ‘At Last’

Ashley Sings ‘Ain’t No Mountain’

Ashley Sings ‘Truth Hurts’

Ashley Sings ‘Love On Top’

Ashley Sings ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’

Ashley Sings ‘Respect’

Want to see more? Check out even more of our party band videos on YouTube and Vimeo.