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Are you considering rescheduling or cancelling your event?

This message is for all of our clients who have booked one of our bands for a future event. I know the last few months have been rough on us all, but we are excited to get back to what we love, which is entertaining you and your guests and helping create amazing parties!

As Texas has begun it’s “re-opening” process, events are now allowed with certain restrictions, and the decision to postpone has become elective, you may find that vendors have differing policies on rescheduling. This is partially due to vendors having varied overhead and pre-event costs, and a varying number of contractors scheduled for your event. Being limited to a single event versus multiple events on any given date is also a large consideration (and unfortunately our bands can only be in one place at a time). 

Please understand that we absolutely want to extend the maximum amount of flexibility we can as everyone begins their re-adjustment process. But please, also understand that we are a small business with dozens of contractors who rely on us, and after three months of suspended business, that flexibility must be balanced with preservation. 

Moving Forward

Having never encountered a situation where events were postponed, our contract doesn’t specifically address postponements, aside from the standard cancellation policy. We are offering to relax this policy through for events contracted between July 15 and December 31, 2020, with some limitations. 

IF YOUR EVENT is coming up, within the next 45 days, the policies below may not apply. On events within that time-frame, we will have responsibilities that may not be covered by the information below. We will still try to stick as closely as possible to the policy below, but those will have to be considered on a case by case basis.

You may reschedule to any available 2020 date, or any Friday or Sunday in 2021 date with no additional fee.

If you are considering rescheduling your 2020 date, this is the recommended route. With all the Covid-related events postponed, it is perfectly acceptable to have a non-Saturday wedding, and this compromise is the way to go in order to avoid a rescheduling fee. 

If you decide to reschedule to an available 2021 Saturday, there will be a 25% fee.

I know no one likes a rescheduling fee, and we prefer to move your event to a date that doesn’t require it. But please understand: we are not trying to get an “extra” 25% out of anyone. We would far prefer the event be moved to a Friday or Sunday, where it doesn’t cost either of us substantially. As mentioned, our bands can only be in one place at a time. If they’re performing at a rescheduled event on a 2021 Saturday, that means we must turn down another event for that date. And our 2021 pricing has increased substantially since the time you contracted the band, which would have been in 2019 or earlier, for most clients. We can’t fill our 2021 Saturdays with events at 2018 or 2019 pricing, as our overhead is far higher than it was during that time period. 

Also consider that our 2021 wedding season has already been swamped with reschedules from the lockdown period, when postponing was not elective. We have simply exhausted our option to continue chipping away at 2021. While it will be ‘normal’ and commonplace for weddings to occur on Fridays and Sundays for the next couple years, we understand that isn’t an option for everyone.  If it is important to you to have a Saturday in 2021, this is the best we can do without jeopardizing our business and the people who work for it.

If you decide to cancel the band’s performance, instead of postponing your event until a later date:

Even though events are no longer prohibited from taking place, I’m aware that some of you are still encountering unfortunate circumstances. Limited guest counts, venues imposing their own restrictions, international travel restrictions, and some venues who are either not allowing events, or have completely shut down. Some of you also might choose to reschedule to a date that the band does not have available. If you are encountering any of these obstacles, we are so sorry that this has become a part of your planning process. 

If this is your situation and you believe it makes sense to cancel the band’s performance, we are offering to waive the balance payment that is otherwise required by your contract.  Our deposit policy has not changed though, and those retainer payments are still non-refundable. We highly suggest exhausting all rescheduling options before going this route.

If a new government mandate is introduced that completely prohibits your event from taking place, you may reschedule to any date with no additional fee.

If you are concerned that we will re-enter a period of regulations that mandate your event not take place, please be assured you will receive the option to move the band’s performance to any available date with no fee, or cancel with a waived balance.

Again, if you’re considering making any changes, we’re extending these reschedule options through the end of July.

We’re so appreciative that you’ve chosen us for your event’s entertainment, and we thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor! 


Joe, Mendy, Jared & Ashley

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