In10City Decorative Event Lighting

The In10City Band now offers decorative lighting options as a convenience to our clients in addition to the stage lighting. You’ll typically find In10City decorative event lighting pricing to be lower than most competitors. Therefore, we only offer lighting options on events where we are providing the band and stage lighting included with the band.

With that in mind, you will find the lighting packages that we offer below.

Please, call our office for pricing and availability.


The term ‘up-lighting’ refers to placing lights on the floor, positioned to decoratively ‘up-light’ the walls or columns in an event space. We use battery powered LED lights and have wireless DMX reception. This allows control and color selection while requiring no wires interconnecting the fixtures to ensure a clean look. The color palette offered with these lights is virtually limitless. ┬áThe lighting engineer will coordinate the color of your room lighting and stage lighting with a control panel that simultaneously controls all lights.

Interactive Up-Lighting

One of the unique advantages of using Intensity Entertainment for your up-lighting needs is our Interactive Up-Lighting concept. The room up-lights will be set to your desired color early in the evening. Then, they will remain in that format to enhance the decor and atmosphere. As the event progresses and energy rises, the up-lights become reprogrammed to follow the stage lights in the later dance sets. Taken during a wedding at the Belo Mansion, the adjacent video clip demonstrates the effects. The lighting system in combination with the up-lights accomplishes the effect demonstrated in the clip.

Pin Spot Lighting

We install small ‘Pin Spot’ spotlights in obscure locations. They focus on each table’s floral arrangement or centerpiece. Also, ‘Pin Spot’ spotlights light the cakes or decor as desired. Additionally, these powerful battery-powered LED fixtures have no unsightly wiring. ┬áMultiple installation methods can be used for these lights. However, we would choose the best method based on ceiling height and venue policy. So, please, call us for availability and coordination with your venue.

Monogram Lighting

Monogram lighting, sometimes called ‘gobo’ lighting, refers to the use of metal or glass gobos, cut to your design specification for projection of initials or logos onto a wall or dance floor surface. Depending on design style, projectors are sometimes used in place of gobos. At Intensity Entertainment, we offer all three of the common solutions (projection, metal or glass) depending on the style of projected image you desire. However, we typically only offer monogram lighting in conjunction with either up-lighting and/or pin spot lighting.

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