In10City Band Song List

The In10City Band Song List is a work of art and dedication! Learning new songs is a lot of work for a party band. Most of the current hits today won’t be requested six months from now. Understandably, most party bands and wedding bands don’t bother learning many of the big hits of today. Simply because there will likely be no call to play those songs for more than a few weeks. We have a very different philosophy regarding the ‘song of the week’ selections. We have a relentless, undying commitment to keeping the In10City Band song list fresh and current. Therefore, it keeps us on our toes, and find new additions to our In10City music catalog more exciting than challenging. So, you can count on us having +/- 25% of the current American Top 40 in our active material list at any given time.

Additionally, In10City Band keeps a thorough catalog of classic hit songs that give us the tools to keep any dance floor packed, regardless of the party’s demographic breakdown.  In10City maintains a long list of Motown, Funk, Disco, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s dance songs the band plays as the situation demands.  The band even keeps a smaller sampling of rock and country for those clients that want a huge variety of music played at their events.

The Personalized Party Band

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary party, or other event, it’s YOUR day.  In10City will learn up to THREE songs especially for you, in order to highlight those moments that make your day special. Additionally, you’ll have your own personal web page where you can communicate with us to help plan the style and selection you want to emphasize from our vast catalog of music.  We are committed to making your event memorable and special, and always about YOU!

Dinner and Cocktail Hour Music

While In10City is known as a high-energy party band, we are also highly skilled, versatile musicians and vocalists.  The typical dinner song of the In10City Band song list will begin with warm, inviting Jazz instrumental selections, giving your guests the right amount of background music without overwhelming the room with volume or making conversation difficult.  As dinner progresses we will gradually add in vocals, still allowing your guests to mingle and enjoy their meal with friends.  We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding the style and timing, making sure to select songs and stylings that create the mood you desire during the dinner or cocktail hour of your event.

In10City Signature Mashups & Non-Stop Party Music

The In10City Band song list packs dance floors with non-stop, high energy live music that appeals to everyone. Our team of talented arrangers is known for their inventive and engaging live mashups. Simply put, we combine songs from across five decades into fun, surprising, and fast paced medleys and mashups using popular dance songs that appeal to a wide range of ages. Instead of having the band play every popular song in its entirety, we cover more than twice the number of songs in a given hour than most bands. We skillfully intertwine only the most known and effective portions of songs to ensure the energy stays insanely high and your audience never gets a break from the excitement.

Non-Stop Live Music

Another signature component of the In10City Band song list and show is the non-stop ninety-minute set we end our parties with. During this time, we’ll engage your audience with fast paced transitions and cover over sixty songs at an incredible average of a new song every ninety seconds. There are a growing number of bands in the southwest that attempt medleys, but In10City has mastered the live music mashup in a way that will blow you away. In a world of ‘cover’ music, it’s not easy to be original. Once you experience the In10City show, you’ll see that we’ve mastered the art of the non-stop party!

Variety of Live Music

Variety… Now there’s an overused (and often abused) term! When we say we’re a variety band, we’re absolutely dedicated to meaning it on a whole new level. It’s our goal to convincingly perform everything from Sinatra to Usher, Coltrain to Def Leppard , Hank Jr. to Rihanna, or …… AC/DC to Jay-Z (finally… found an “A to Z” example). Are there songs you want that aren’t on the current In10City Band song list? Let us know and we’ll butcher… uh… try it!

Why Book In10City Band?

We could be a great band, play songs you love, and keep you dancing all night without doing all the extra work required by adding new songs constantly, arranging intricately themed mashups and custom arrangements, and most clients would be perfectly happy with us learning one new song per event.  So why do we do what we do?   It makes us, well…. US!  It makes us unique and keeps us sharp.  You see, we actually LOVE what we do, and it shows.  We have fun on the stage and even more fun on the dance floor with you.   We really do care about your event, and we each take pride in working to be the best version of ‘us’ we can be. Let our clients speak for us and check out the reviews on our site or even on Google!

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