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the ultimate band for the cool kids

From the beginning, IDT has played by their own rules and worked hard to deliver a show that is 100% fun and tailored for not only the millennial crowd, but also delivering an extensive music variety that draws in people from every generation.

Known for phenomenal talent, over-the-top interaction, and unique and engaging visuals, IDT Band has inspired hundreds of amazing parties and full dance floors for over 10 years.

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IDT Band Video Showcase

I Wish Promo | IDT Band

I Want It That Way | IDT Band

Gravity | IDT Band

What I Like About You | IDT Band

Crazy | IDT Band

I Wish | IDT Band


Something for everyone

IDT has been doing this party band thing for years now. They bring an exciting, dynamic, and polished catalogue of over 400 songs to every performance.

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