Booking A Band For A Wedding: 3 Easy Steps

booking a band for a wedding - Mélange Band at a wedding

3 Ways To Get The Ball Rolling With The Intensity Bands

You are booking a band for a wedding. You’re ready to get started. Translation: You’re chomping at the bit to get the show on the road and that means you need to know a lot more about us. And you need to know more than what you’ve already read about us. 

Good news: This is why we provide you with as much as we can through readable details, photos and videos. But we also make booking a band with us super easy in terms of actual communication (you know, that thing that we used to do in the olden days, when we humans talked to each other on the phone, in person, etc.). 

What you expect is that this is going to be something that takes a while and that feels clunky along the way. However, what we deliver is a very easy means of getting in touch, getting your plans underway, and quickly finding yourself extremely thrilled with the music you’ve got planned for your big day. We know what you need, when you need it, and how to make it happen. Now. Those three easy steps we promised…

Booking a band for a wedding in three easy steps

#1: Ask Us To Contact You: 7 Days A Week

Ready for a quick chat? A shockingly detailed discussion? Something in between? Whatever type of information you’re seeking in terms of how Intensity Entertainment can give you exactly what you want for your upcoming event, we’re here to lay it all out. Bring us your questions and we’ll fill you in on all of the possible details you could hope to learn about our wedding bands. 

Not looking for a wedding band? Not an issue. We’re your event band, your party band, your fundraiser band, your corporate event band. We bring the music to whatever type of shindig it is you’re throwing. Just fill out a few details. Easy.

#2: RSVP To Schedule An In10City Showcase

The IDT Band performing live on the Intensity Showcase Stage

A little less talkie and a little more music? We get it. Booking a band for your wedding or any other type of event without seeing them live would be a little crazy. When your sole goal is to check out what’s at the heart of your options for your upcoming event (namely: the music), what you want is to hear us live and see us on stage, so you know without a single shred of uncertainty what we’re all about.

Make this a reality and make the experience an easy one by attending an industry-leading, adrenaline-packed Live Showcase! Just fill out a very simple online form here and RSVP. You can choose the date that works best for you, and even select the band that you’d like to experience! Not seeing exactly what you want? Not a problem. Just get in touch with our exceptionally friendly and helpful team and we’ll get the details all squared away.

#3: Go Ahead And Call!

Not yet feeling overtaken with the extraordinarily relaxing anonymity and ease that comes with texting? Prefer the old-fashioned means of picking up the phone, dialing a phone number, and getting someone on the other end of the line? Very cool. Then, you are more than welcome to call us with your questions about booking a band for a wedding, corporate event, or any other party you are throwing. Yep. You just punch the following string of numbers into your phone and we’ll answer, as we help you move this exciting day of yours along: 972-521-6771.


Photo Credit: Ace Cuervo Photography

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