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Checking off your to-do list when you’re getting your enormously important wedding party planned out? It can seem like a never-ending feat that you worry you’ll just never quite complete. Amongst other harrowing tasks? Figuring out who is going to play the music (the music that has to be really good) at this, your life’s most exciting, knee-shaking, full of anticipation party to celebrate the fact that you’re getting married. 

Should you just hire a DJ? Go it yourself with a playlist and what you consider to be some really good speakers? Or, do you begin flipping through the wedding bands in San Antonio that come up in your search? Actually, the absolute best choice is one you may not have yet considered but that we will happily share with you: Call Intensity Entertainment for live music (and a lot more, of course) for the spectacular, awe-inspiring experience you have in mind.

Nope, you don’t have to crash someone else’s wedding in order to learn what we’re all about and to talk with us without feeling disconnected by chatting strictly over the phone. You can just call us (or RSVP online for a very easy approach) to set up a date and a time for a Showcase Event

This isn’t something that’s open to the public. It’s for you. We’ll play a tightened up, shorter version (still full of all of the energy, excitement, powerful musicianship … you get the idea) so you can see and hear what we’re all about, all while fitting it into your already busy schedule. 

Attending a performance will answer all of your questions in terms of what we do on stage. It will also give you time to mention any inquiries, to have us answer them in your presence (there’s just something really nice about meeting the people you’ll work with, and receiving answers while making eye contact). Ready for this all-encompassing, educational meet-up? Let us know.

The "We’ve-Got-It-Covered" Party Band

You know that what you need and want are wedding bands in San Antonio that show up and make your party one that makes every last one of your wedding-bliss dreams a reality. What still worries you, though, is whether this is going to go off without a hitch or if maybe you’re about to hire a talented band that requires hand-holding and babysitting. 

Great news: We’ve got it all covered. You don’t have to check on us, check in on the particulars, or remind us of anything. Flip that way of thinking and you’ll quickly see what you get to look forward to. Once we have your package personalized from top to bottom, inside and out, we’ll be off and running. Our experienced staff of Entertainment Coordinators and Band Leaders takes care of every detail for you.

You? Well, you’ll be doing whatever else you need to do with that to-do list of yours, so your wedding is ready to go. One thing you’ll feel certain about? Checking “music and lighting” off of that list! You’ll soon see what makes wedding planners and everyone else excited when they hear that Intensity is your band. But don’t take our word for it! Take a look at what our past clients have to say on Google, Wedding Wire, and The Knot.

Dream A Little (Wedding Party) Dream

Finding yourself trying to be realistic, reminding yourself that it’s better to lower your expectations, so you’re not disappointed? You’re free to apply this line of thinking to other areas of your life but when you’re looking for wedding bands in San Antonio that will work their magic and make sure your wedding party is beyond your wildest dreams, think again. Intensity Entertainment has the talent, skill, dedication, loyalty, and vision to hear what you want and make your evening even more exceptional. Get ready to dance, laugh, sing, and get this new, beautiful life started with the love of your life, as you create the mesmerizing memories this moment deserves.

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