What’s that you hear, as you make your way, brand new partners-for-life, into your wedding reception? Well. That depends. If you’ve decided to figure out the music yourself, then perhaps you’re not going to hear very much. Or, you just cross your fingers and hope that the friend you left in charge of the music remembers the cue. Now, let’s hop on over to the other end of the spectrum. The one in which you called us up, In10City Band, realized that your Houston reception would be in far better shape with live wedding music, and what follows will be a grand entrance. With an emcee leading you in, as everyone cheers, and you look around at this otherworldly celebration that’s just beginning and that’s kicking off your new life. Personally, we suggest the live music route. Now, for some further details.


Know What You’re Getting Into Before You Do It

If you’ve spent any time at all with your significant other, then you probably have a pretty good feeling about what you’re getting into (and you’re quite pleased that it’s nearly your wedding day). Treat the idea of looking throughout Houston for the elusive yet very real option of amazing live wedding music much the same: Get to know us first. It’s not something you have to try to hard to do, fortunately. You just tell us that you’re ready for a Showcase Event. How you get in touch with us is up to you! Our website lets you reserve this full-fledged peek into everything we offer, from our on-stage music making to every last In10City Band service (from audio to lighting and more). When you know you’ve made a really good choice for yourself based on actual experience, you may still get those butterflies from happy anticipation but you’ll also feel absolutely sure you’ve chosen the right band (and the right spouse, too, of course). 

Yes, Live Music Is Better

You don’t want to feel as though you’re dismissing the extraordinary leaps and bounds that our world has made in this technological age by turning your nose up at a party fueled by an iPod. It’s quite a feat! If your friends are into this avenue of bringing much-needed beats and melodies to their wedding receptions, then you support it! However, for your own day (the one that you’ll look back on with misty-eyed nostalgia), you were sort of hoping for live wedding music. Is that old-fashioned of you, you wonder? Are you out of touch? Easy answer: Nope and nope. Nothing quite replicates the person-to-person interaction that happens between a band (you know, like In10City Band) and its audience. Sort of like your love story, which is organic, raw, real, full of surprises, yet steadfast and better than anything you could have ever imagined, live tunes are just full of that unique quality. Make your Houston reception yours, make it epically enjoyable, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Party With Reckless Abandon

Want to show up to your Houston wedding reception all smiles and then spend most of the time trying to balance talking with your guests, checking on the music, figuring out who is supposed to be making a toast and where (and when), trying to have fun, and crossing your fingers that the music matches up with your plans? Not really? No problem! In10City Band brings the music, the tech stuff, the audio mastery, and more, as you simply party, dance, love, and laugh with reckless abandon, so you can have the best time ever on your wedding day.

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