Yes, Our In10City Band Musicians Are Crazy Talented

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Yes! You found a wedding band that will play anywhere! A band that will play all of the songs you love. A band (in case you didn’t realize, we’re talking about us here – we’re In10City Band) that will bring some absolutely bonkers intensity to your wedding reception (if you’re into that sort of thing) through smile-inducing interaction. A band that can even play different styles of music and that will make announcements on your behalf! There’s even party-enhancing lighting that you get to add to your celebration. So, what’s left to consider? Well. You love the idea of all of this. However, you have this little worry in the back of your mind about how this will all actually play out. More specifically, you ask: But can your band really play? The short answer: Yes, our musicians are crazy talented. The detailed reassurance follows …

Check Out Our Bios

Nope, we’re not hiding inexperienced musicians from you that will pop out on your wedding day to surprise you with shocking renditions of your favorite songs. Instead, we’ve got a page dedicated solely to allowing you to virtually “meet” the very talented group of performers that make up each iteration of In10City Band, which brings us to our next point …

We Have Lots Of (Very Skilled) Musicians

If you’re worried that our musicians are going to be really, really tired because you know In10City Band plays a lot of wedding and other parties, don’t be. Our band is scalable in terms of size and variable in terms of the type of music you want, in part, because we have many extraordinary singers and musicians that call Intensity Entertainment home. Translation: They get to rest, so you get fresh-faced, bushy-tailed, energy-filled individuals bringing your songs to the stage and the music you love to your “I just got married!” festivities.

You Can See Us Beforehand

Surprise! You don’t have to stop with just checking out our website (hint: you can watch In10City wedding band do its thing on stage through our videos, too). Relying on our word is likely tempting to you but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to try us out in real life. We admire your dedication to throwing the best party ever! It’s what we like to do, too. So, see us. Dance around. Ask all about the stuff you still need to more deeply investigate. Do it all at a Showcase Event. We’ll do our show for you (just for you, as a matter of fact), so you’ve got your fact bank filled up with all of the details you need.

We Make The Music Sound Its Best

You can have a world-class musician standing on stage but without the right sound production, the glory of those vocals or the sweet singing of those instruments will fall flat or seem distorted. We bring to life each expertly sung or played note from the musicians in our In10City wedding band. How? Well, easy. (Easy for us, anyway). Cutting edge audio equipment. Custom sound production from a dedicated sound engineer. Modern equipment that sounds luscious (and without unsightly wires). We know sound and we know music! Put those things together and you’ve got yourself one truly cosmically brilliant party.

Choose Stellar Musicians For Your Wedding Party

Make your wedding party dreams come true with the help of some exceptional musicianship. Get in touch with In10City Band today at 972.521.6771!

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