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Wedding band support, you ask, furrowing your brow? What’s that mean? Well, it definitely sounds nice. If you take a moment to consider what you’re hoping will happen when you take a glance through online searches, chat with friends who have already gone through the process of finding music for their receptions, etc., it becomes quite clear. This is one heck of an experience, planning a wedding. Planning a reception. Figuring out who you want to be on the list. Choosing the food. Choosing the right colors. When it gets down to songs and lighting, you can start to feel a little worn thin and you’d like all the support you can get! What’s it really mean with In10City Band, though? We’re here to fill your mind with wonder (and, of course, important, applicable information).

Creative Support

Oh, wow. Where to begin? First, In10City Band realizes that you might not have a lot of experience with choosing lighting. Choosing songs. Figuring out everything you want for your wedding reception. You know that a wedding band can play music but will you need to figure everything else out? Quick answer: Nope, you won’t. You’ll have to give us some very insightful information, say “yes” or “no,” and help us get to know you. As for figuring out pin lighting, stage lighting, up-lighting, musical genres, and the timing of certain songs, how much band interaction you want, announcements, and more, we offer complete creative support. We’ll explain everything. We’ll help you decide what you do and do not want. From your entertainment coordinator (EC) who is your personal guide to every other member of our team, we’re on it. We’ll baby step you through all of those teeny tiny intricate details that will make your party that whole, wonderful celebration of your new, love-filled life together.

Communication Support

Having flashbacks of those many times in life when you’ve been placed on a “brief” hold that lasted forever? That’s not the sort of operation we run. When you’re our client, you get the top-notch communication that dreams are made of. If you reach out with questions or concerns, we’ll actually react when the phone rings and respond with whatever it is you need. You’ll probably be hearing from us, too. We’re not just sitting around waiting for you to contact our team. We’re taking your wedding reception seriously because this is a party that’s going to happen only once! No re-dos. No take-backs. What you don’t need is to worry about what we’re doing because you cannot get a hold of us. So go ahead! Call. We’re here to talk, help, and provide you the crystal clear, consistent communication you deserve.

Technical Support

Stumped again? We know. There’s so much more involved than you may have realized, when you’re seeking out a wedding band (and that’s why we are pleased to remind you that your choice with In10City Band is a wise one, indeed). In terms of the technical stuff, remember: There’s music. There’s a stage. There are wires (and wireless technology, too, so the stage, lighting, and more look clean). There’s audio engineering and production going on, so the sound is just right. There’s lighting engineering going on, so the visual aspect of your wedding party is just right, too. There’s working with anyone else you hire to make your party amazing (photographers, videographers, planners). We offer a streamlined, friendly, easy approach to adding ourselves into the mix, so the technical stuff remains something you simply don’t have to think about. All you have to do is have a very, very nice time.

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