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Yes, of course, you could look up Dallas wedding bands online, choose the first band that looks interesting, and then simply hope for the best. You do it when you buy a shirt online, so how bad could it be? Well, it could be bad. Really bad. There’s not exactly a return policy and you’re probably planning on having just one best day of your existence (ahem: your wedding). This is where your Intensity Showcase Event comes onto the scene. Once you decide that you think you’re interested, we’d prefer for you to know we are the band for your event, so you can get back to planning the other very important details, while you rest easy knowing the music (and lighting, too) is taken care of. So, about that Showcase…

Why Reading Isn’t Enough

To keep that analogy going with shopping online for a shirt, remember, you’re not experiencing it in real life before you hit purchase. Only, with a piece of clothing, the stakes aren’t very high. When it’s your Dallas wedding and you want everything to fall into place for a day that’s magical in every possible way, you really need more than just some compelling information that seems good. 

What You Can Expect

Think that Intensity might be the Dallas wedding band you’ve been dreaming of? It definitely is! We bring an exceptionally personalized, intense musical powerhouse of a show that works for the slow moments, the no-holds-barred party experience, and everything in between. With that said: Why not enjoy a preview, so you have an absolute comfort level? You can look forward to not only a show that will send you home reeling, as you imagine it taking place at your soon-to-be-here party but also to the following:

  • A for-your-eyes-and-ears only showing
  • A chance to meet with the musicians, vocalists and members of the band
    Time to speak with band leaders
  • An opportunity to become familiar with the staff you will be working with from start to finish, as we help you plan your dream party

How To Make It Happen

RSVP with the form on our website, so you can quickly send us your contact information and the Intensity Showcase date that will work best for you (and we can get back to you in a flash). We look forward to meeting you, hearing about what makes your day unique, and how our wedding band fits into the picture, as we bring the energy and help you meet your music goals for your exceptionally special moment.

RSVP For Your Showcase Soon!

Lock in one of our upcoming Intensity Showcase Events, so you experience a glimpse of what your party is going to look like (Hint: It’s going to be amazing). Get in touch with us at 972-521-6771 to learn more.

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